"News As It Happens" - Real Time vs. Daily Digest


By Cheryl Delk-Le Good posted 13 days ago


These days, our email inboxes are overwhelmed with multiple posts from our professional list-serves, forums, blogs, along with those announcements from our favorite restaurants that we subscribed to during COVID-19 to support local businesses.  

We have to make daily decisions with our email on what to open, what to delete, what to file what to mark as 'unread' to return to later, what to filter, what unsubscribe from, etc.  And we all have different approaches to those decisions.  

As many of you know, EnglishUSA converted to an online-based communication platform -- EnglishUSA Engage -- back in April.  It's the same one that NAFSA and TESOL use and while certainly more user-friendly than the old version, in the end, it's yet another 'platform' that members need to know about and learn how to use.

We're all different--some of you are online-version people and some of you are email-inbox people.  Some would rather get the 'news as it happens" (wasn't that a CBS tagline) and others prefer the batching that technology allows.

The purpose of this post is a request/reminder.  When EnglishUSA set up this Engage site, we put everyone on a default 'daily digest' setting so that you would get the messages every morning.  We didn't want you to tire of our excitement!

However, "real-time" information is super important right now, and I would highly suggest that you change your settings from Daily Digest to Real-Time by going into your profile (might be the first time for some of you) and changing your settings.  Check out my screen shot below.  You can always change it back if real-time gets to be too much. Promise!  Questions, contact info@englishusa.org