Hope in Time of Crisis


By Cheryl Delk-Le Good posted 05-28-2020 12:29


Some of us have been reflecting on the "silver linings" and the "lemonade from lemons" for English language programs in the US during this COVID-19 crisis.  While it may be difficult for administrators, teachers, staff and students to see a bigger picture right now, given the time and energy resources being expended on the day-to-day tasks, one observation has become clear in the informal/formal virtual events and conversations EnglishUSA has held in the past few months.

The collaborative spirit among the English language program personnel continues to thrive.  In your own programs, this is vital among your units, on campuses and within communities to keep the creative juices flowing to allow innovation to happen.  For an association like EnglishUSA, the collaborative spirit speaks to our mission and continues to strengthen our engagement with each other and the industry.  

Let's continue to look for other hopeful signs that will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis for English language programs!