Membership Renewal Tips


By Cheryl Delk-Le Good posted 05-19-2020 18:08


Thanks to those who have started the renewal process for dues.  The steps are not always intuitive, so here are a few pointers.  And you can always start the process (updating your data, adding people to account, etc.) and finish it later. 

  1. Be sure to log into your PROGRAM profile and not your individual profile.  This is not always as easy as it seems because your computer is always eating those "cookies" and might automatically go for your individual profile login.  Nine times out of 10, this is usually the issue!  Try clearing cookies or going to another browser.
  2. Make those updates to the program profile!  We added and revised a few questions so all members will need to tweak those answers prior to renewing.  This is the most effective way for EnglishUSA to share data that we share with you and other stakeholders.
  3. You can always find your invoices (this year after you create it and past years) in your program profile under "Invoicing".
  4. And remember, EnglishUSA is extending the grace period and offering up the option of two invoices (half and half) but you need to contact us  to set it up ( 

To renew your program’s membership, log-in to your program’s account (NOT your individual account), select profile at the top right corner of the page.  You may need to log out of your individual one.  If you don't see "Sub-accounts" in your profile, that means you are in an individual account. 


On the next page select the “Renew Your Membership Now” link at the top of the “Manage Profile” page, update the profile information, select “Save Changes,” and then either (A) pay the membership dues via credit card or (B) create an invoice to pay your via check.



After an invoice has been created and/or a payment has been made, the invoice/receipt will be emailed to the email on the program’s account. You can also access the invoice/receipt at any time by logging in to the program’s account and selecting “Invoices” under the “Invoicing, Payments, and History” section on your “Manage Profile” page.

Email with any questions.